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Wet Cement Mishaps You Will Laugh at.

If you check the internet, you will not lack hilarious video clips where people slip on wet cement or even drive into it. The comedies can fool you into assuming that people do not actually do this. The truth is there are many wet cement fails happening daily in the world. Here is a collection of these incidents that will make you laugh your heart out. There isn’t much you can do to make sure children learn to walk without going through some embarrassing moments. Not much can go well when kids are in a new building but if you have your camera you can capture moments that will make you laugh at any time. Adults know that concrete should be given time to dry out but children do not recognize this and they will walk right through it. Children are innocence and the fact that they will have no idea of the grave mistake they have committed will make your heart melt and you can let them have their way and the footprints remain.

Orange cones blocking a pathway are a sign that you need to stop. For people who do not pay much attention to signs, this can be a disaster in the cooking. One woman who ignored these cones to park her fancy Lexus came to learn that it was on a wet concrete slab. Those were the last memories of the vehicle she had. When the police were called to involve the repair crew, everyone was wondering how the woman could ignore the orange cones. In online photos, the woman is seen sitting in the car thinking of how to get out of the situation given that the car was a lawyer. Think of taking another route when your path is blocked by orange cones because they always mean that that is not a path you should be taking.

It is common to act like nothing is wrong when you trip in public. The same happened to a kid but there was no playing it cool because there was evidence. Paul Ahem send the post on Instagram of the evidence which was a unique impression on the wet cement. The impression involves splayed hands, an impression of a cartoonish face and a depression where the handlebars and wheel were embedded. There were no neighbors to witness the event and film it but it is clear that the child was in his scooter.